Choices, choices, choices! What type of Mascara do you chose?  Should you get lengthening, curling, thickening or non-smudging? And what on earth, is the difference between each of these?  Well I am hoping the below will help you in your selection.

Mascaras now days are loaded with proteins & waxes all designed to condition your lashes & come in problem-solving formulations. InStyle’s beauty book, Getting Gorgeous, breaks down these different types of mascaras. Here goes:

Lengthening mascara These mascaras have dense bristles that allow you to get more mascara on your lashes & especially on the tips of your lashes.

Thickening mascara When you want bulk, you want to buy the mascaras touted as ‘thickening.’ These products contain a thicker formula of waxes & silicone polymers that coat lashes & make them appear bulkier.

Waterproof mascara Obviously these ‘non-smudging’ mascaras contain special synthetic formulas meant to repel moisture.

But these can be harsh on your lashes (to prevent breaking lashes, you can put Vaseline on them before you go to sleep).

Non-clumping mascara These contain ingredients like silk extract & glycerin. The applicators also have longer wands which allow for a more even application.

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