Avon Perfume & Fragrances

Did you know that Avon sells more bottles of fragrance a year than any other brand in the world? In fact one of their fragrances sells 1 every 20 seconds!

Avon’s range of fragrances is vast with something for everyone and they are all affordable, even their most expensive ranges are still a fraction of the price of designer brands. Avon’s fragrances are often available as gift sets especially around Christmas and Valentine’s day. Their most extensive choice is marketed to women but they also have quite a large range of aftershave fragrances designed for men.

Let’s take a closer look at Avon’s fragrance ranges.

Avon Perfume & Fragrances for Her & Him

Avon Far Away

Most people probably know Avon for the Far Away brand which has grown over the years and more fragrances in the range coming soon.

  • Far Away Original
  • Far Away Gold
  • Far Away Infinity
  • Far Away Rebel
  • Far Away Rebel & Diva
  • Far Away Glamour

Find out more about the Far Away Range here.

Avon Little Black Dress

The original Little Black Dress is a delicate blend of exotic garden notes. The range has since grown

  • Little Black Dress Original
  • Little Black Dress Weekend
  • Little Black Dress Party
  • Little Black Dress Midnight Party
  • Little Black Dress Glam Night
  • Little Black Dress Sunset Soiree

Avon Attraction

The Avon Attraction perfume range is varied with fragrances for her and him as well as 2 unisex fragrances. Some are available as Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and a Essence de Parfum.

  • Attraction for Her
  • Attraction for Him
  • Attraction Addicted Essence de Parfum
  • Attraction Desire for Her
  • Attraction Desire for Him
  • Attraction Sensation for Her
  • Attraction Sensation for Him
  • Attraction One Fresh Unisex
  • Attraction One Intense Unisex

Avon Eve

Avon says that their Eve Fragrance collection has as the perfect scent for every style, occasion and taste. The range has grown over the years so there is certainly a lot to choose from. The most well known in the range is probably Eve Truth – Avon asked 200 perfume lovers to blind test it and 70% said they liked it as much as Marc Jacobs Daisy. The newest addition to the range is Eve Embrace.

  • Eve Embrace
  • Eve Truth
  • Eve Alluring
  • Eve Duet
  • Eve Confidence
  • Eve Elegance

Avon Rare

Avon’s Rare perfumes are another popular range. Rare Platinum has been discontinued but there are plenty of others to choose from.

  • Rare Gold
  • Rare Pearls
  • Rare Amethyst
  • Rare Flowers Night Orchid

Avon Mesmerize

The Mesmerize range has a selection of fragrances available in versions for Her and For Him. The most recent addition to the collection is Mystique Amber.

  • Mesmerize for Her (Blue)
  • Mesmerize for Him (Blue)
  • Mesmerize Black for Her
  • Mesmerize Black for Him
  • Mesmerize Mystique Amber for Her
  • Mesmerize Mystique Amber for Him

Avon Lipsy Perfume

Introduced as one of Avon’s brand collaboration there are two fragrance in this range. These perfumes are a little smaller than Avon’s standard 50ml EDP size and are an EDT so they are one of Avon’s pricier fragrance ranges.

  • Lipsy Noir Eau de Toilette – 30ml
  • Lipsy Rose Gold Eau de Toilette – 30ml

Avon Artistique

For the Artistique range Avon collaborated with world-renowned French perfumers. Each fragrance is individual as the perfumers were given free rein to create whatever they wanted.

  • Avon Artistique Patchouli
  • Avon Artistique Iris
  • Avon Artistique Magnolia

Avon Perceive

The Avon Perceive range has seen a few variations come and go such as Perceive Sunshine. The current range includes:

  • Avon Perceive
  • Avon Perceive Soul