Sumup Air Card Reader

The Sumup Air Mobile Card Reader is a popular and easy-to use portable contactless payment machine. 

It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with the SumUp App on your smartphone, letting you take both card payments and Apple Pay or Google Pay from your customers. You can also send online invoices to your customers which they can pay easily by credit or debit card card.

The SumUp Air can take up to 500 transactions before needing recharging – so you won’t need to worry about running out of juice.

With a flat fee of only 1.69% per transaction, a budget friendly price tag and no monthly fees  it’s easy to see why it’s so popular with businesses who need a flexible pay-as-you-go way to to take card payments without any monthly fees.

On-the-go Card Payments

Accept all kinds of payments on the go using your smartphone and the SumUp Air Card reader. 

You can get paid through an NFC payment, Chip & PIN or even Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Simply type in how much you want to charge the customer, then ask them to tap their card down on the reader; it’s that easy.

The compact design means it is practical to carry with you.

Send Invoices from the SumUp App & Get Paid Online

Sending an invoice from the app is really simple, you can also add a breakdown of the customer’s order, grab their details from your phone’s contact list and even attach a photo before asking the app to email it to them.

As soon as a customer has paid their invoice the app will update, so you don’t have to hunt through bank statements to find their payment. Another nifty feature is you can see if a customer has viewed their invoice. 

Access Your Money Quickly

Imagine being able to access your money the next day, even on weekends and bank holidays.  By using the free SumUp Card you can access your money the next day. You can spend the money on the SumUp Card wherever Mastercard is taken in person or online.