Accessing Your Avon Representative Account – How to Log in.

Logging into your Avon Representative account can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re new or haven’t accessed it in a while. If it’s been over a year since your last login, you might find your account deactivated. Don’t worry, though—you can easily start afresh with a new representative account. This guide aims to simplify the login process, providing step-by-step assistance and solving common login issues.

Locating the Avon Login Portal:
The Avon Rep Login page can be directly accessed at Avon Representative Login Page. Bookmark this page for quick access in the future. Alternatively, you can navigate to and select the ‘Representative Login / Registration’ at the top of the page.

Essentials for Logging In:
To log in, you’ll need your Avon Representative Account Number and your password.

In Case You Forget Your Account Number:
Your Avon Account Number is vital for access. If you’ve lost it, check your Avon Welcome Email or contact your Sales Leader. If it’s still elusive, a quick call to Avon’s support at 0333 2345678 will help you retrieve it.

Password Recovery:
Forgot your password? No problem. You can reset it directly from the login page.

Reactivating or Creating a New Account:
If your last order was over 12 months ago, your account would be closed. You can easily create a new account and rejoin Avon here.

Getting Further Help:
Still facing issues? Avon’s direct support is ready to assist with any account-related queries.

Alternative Login Methods:
For added convenience, download the Avon On app and log in using your Account Number and Password.


  1. Where to Find the Login Page?
    Visit the Avon Representative Login link or find the ‘Representative Login / Registration’ option on the Shop With My Rep website.
  2. Login Requirements?
    You’ll need your Avon Representative Account Number and password.
  3. Lost Account Number Recovery?
    Check your Welcome Email, contact your Sales Leader, or call Avon at 0333 2345678.
  4. Resetting Forgotten Password?
    Use the password reset option on the login page.
  5. Account Not Found?
    If inactive for over 12 months, create a new account to rejoin Avon.
  6. Alternative Login Methods?
    Log in via the Avon On app using your Account Number and Password.

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